Innovation Quotient Analysis

Innovation I-Quotient (TM, Pat) one time analysis of your firms ability to capitalize on innovation.

May also be combined and linked to other services including coaching, key-notes, consulting.

The I-Quotient Self Evaluation Graph:  IQ Self Evaluator. Try our  "I-Quotient" self evaluation tool. Fill out answers to 5 simple questions and compare your rating to a graph tabulated against our database of 10,000 + firms. Find out critical answers to: 

• What are we doing to hinder or help new ideas in our organization?

• Are we knuckle dragging Neanderthals or soaring leading edge eagles? 

What is our risk-tolerance in relationship to others?

 Get the amazing I-Quotient Self Evaluator with the additional, critical aspect of five additional questions and an industry comparison! Find out how you compare against your competitors (general by industry). Weigh your own critical categories for a second, vision-mission weighted graph. I-Quotient Comprehensive Report = Everything in the Advanced Report, Plus: Allows weighting by categories: management, decision making, process, policies: This incredibly insightful and valuable Three Dimensional Strategic Management View (Patented) can help the user to make critical decisions on resource management, policy and procedural changes that will directly affect the organizations ability to capitalize on innovative thinking. $ Custom by organization size and level of detail.  Can be taken virtually by 1 or thousands of employees. Can be combined with our workshop.   

Publications and Resources

 The Highly Acclaimed Book "Intelligent Innovation LLC Revealed". This full length book was nominated for the 2013 IPPY Publishing award.  It explains how to achieve the innovative edge in any organization.   Available at, Barnes and This is an updated 2nd edition available as:

Or Amazon for e-book instant download

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" Before we worked with Intelligent Innovation we were a group of we are an orchestra! "  PD of Noreaster Enterprises Inc. 

  The Principles of Intelligent Innovation LLC have appeared on Fox News, USA Today, NPR, and WBIX in addition to numerous print media and web magazines and blogs.   

  "Intelligent Innovation (the book) is a mini MBA and Engineering degree crammed into 300 pages, astounding!" JM    

 “If you are an executive who put down your copy of Gordon MacKenzie's ‘Orbiting the Giant Hairball’ and said, "Now what?" then this book is for you. MacKenzie's book was a good table-setter, so to speak: shattering assumptions, tweaking corporate conventions, and sparking creativity in a general sense. But eventually one must step up to the plate and put a plan into action, and here Cogliandro's book takes over. It is not a how-to book, because the very point of innovation is that it can't be a paint-by-numbers process. Intelligent Innovation instead approaches innovation from a systemic perspective, asking how it can be established at every level, from the moment that the idea is scribbled on the proverbial napkin to the moment that the finished product is sent out into the marketplace. His point is that innovation MUST occur at every level; that an enterprise is only as strong as it's least innovative link, and he uses the broad metaphor of a turbine engine to successfully reinforce this idea. This book is for those who are responsible for ensuring that productive and competitive thinking can't end on Tuesday morning, once Monday afternoon's brainstorming meeting ends. Cogliandro conveys an impressive knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the innovation process, including many case studies and such information as an analysis of stock price as it relates to product launch. He also provides sample action plans and timetables, and a helpful self-assessment (the I-Quotient) which should be tremendously useful to any organization that is willing to ask itself whether it is adequately equipped to be innovative. Once you are inspired to innovate, this book should be a great resource.  GimmeSomeD - Boston MA